Welcome to my new home!

This is a spin-off site of 5 Boro Couponing started last year by my sister and I. We had been couponing for about a year or so and were having fun doing it together.  One problem..many times we’d find awesome deals online, run to our coupon stashes only to find that we didn’t have those same … Continue reading

Cutting the cable cord

A few days ago I did something I never thought possible…I cancelled my Verizon Fios TV service.  ACK! The nearly $200 Triple Play bill had finally become too much. Why am I paying so much for something that was once FREE?? Our half-off HBO promotion was done and, though I LOVE their original programming, $19.99/month for … Continue reading

Spring: A time for new beginnings

As I said in the title of this post, Spring is a time for new beginnings.  After a VERY LONG winter, there are signs of Spring.  YAY!  My garden is fighting the good fight and will soon be in bloom with mini daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, etal.  I can’t wait! Along the lines of new beginnings, … Continue reading

Getting a pet for the kids.

My kiddos have begged for a pet for what seems like forever.  I had cats before they were born and they crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago.  We adopted a kitten from the local Animal Care & Control Center a few months after my Bandit passed.  She was so cute and we named … Continue reading

Sunday coupon preview 3/31

This week we’ll be getting a little break from the coupons for Easter. There will only be a P&G insert. Check out Krazy Coupon Lady for a breakdown of the included coupons.

Growing vegetables from kitchen scraps

If you’ve thought of growing your own veggies, check out this post by The Krazy Coupon Lady.  There are directions on how to grow celery, garlic and more from your kitchen scraps.  What a great project to do over Spring Break with the kids!