Tackling the dreaded junk drawer

So after putting it off for so long, I finally decided to tackle my junk drawer, aka “the black hole”. I swear things would go in there never to be seen again! My hubby is usually the one that’s had enough and straightens it out. Soon after the black hole has returned. If it’s going to stay neat, I decided that I had to find a method that works for ME.
First step, remove EVERYTHING from the drawer. This is what I had to deal with:


So much stuff!!


more stuff!

How did so much fit into such a small space?? After much purging and reorganizing, this is my new and improved not so junky drawer!


A place for everything & everything in it’s place!

Some of the overflow pencils, the safety scissors and some glue sticks found a new home in a little tin bucket I had.  This has become the kids’ homework supply tin.  No more going through the drawer looking for their pencils and such.  It’s nice and small so it doesn’t take up much counter space.  I will purge the business cards (tonight?) and put them in baseball card sleeves in my Home Management Binder.  That’s still a work in progress so no pics yet.

I didn’t buy anything so the final cost of this project was $0!  YAY!  That’s a number I definitely like!  I want to send a great big shout out to iHeartorganizing and Org Junkie.  Those two sites have such inspiring posts with great how-tos and pictures.

I’m really hoping to keep up with the drawer this time.  It feels so good to see things coming together.  Now what project should I tackle next?


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