The purge begins

I have read about organizing a lot this week and have been really pushing myself to purge, purge, purge.  I have done a few small projects so far.  There are a lot more areas I need to get under control.

  • toys
  • paper
  • hand me down clothing storage
  • coupons (my binder is a DISASTER!)

I’ve seen a few ideas for the above projects around the blogosphere and hope to use them in my own home.

Last weekend I started straightening the kids’ rooms and realized there are MANY toys they don’t play with anymore, if ever.  So I gathered the troops and we worked through the toys.  After a little while, we had these bags going to the basement for further separating into sell/donate piles.  I need to actually get down there now to check that job off the list.   Procrastination is my enemy!

toy purge

As time goes on, I’ll be posting updates and pics to show you my progress and to keep me motivated.  So what are YOU doing to get more organized in 2013?


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