Two for one meals: Tuesday’s Tortellini becomes Thursday’s soup


Dinner is always hard for me to figure out. I tend to wait till about 4pm to decide what to make. I’m trying to get better at meal planning but I have yet to turn it into a habit.
Tuesday I made a big batch of Pesto Tortellini with an eye towards leftovers later in the week. Boy am I glad I had those leftover! A good friend and her kids were over this afternoon and left when we all needed to get started on our respective dinners. I needed something quick and filling. Here’s where planning ahead came in handy. I put up a pot of chicken broth (32oz organic/low sodium from Trader Joe’s), added a handful of frozen spinach, the container of leftover tortellini, a smidge of sauce and some garlic, salt and pepper to taste. The soup was brought to a boil and then left to simmer for about 10 minutes. In the meantime, I put some garlic toast in the oven and made a quick salad. The soup has extra pasta in it because I plan to take some out for my Princess who likes the pasta but not the soup. A hearty meal brought together in minutes. Yay! There may be something to this meal planning deal after all!

What are your go to two-fer meals? Feel free to post links to the recipes. Happy cooking!


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