Getting a pet for the kids.

My kiddos have begged for a pet for what seems like forever.  I had cats before they were born and they crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago.  We adopted a kitten from the local Animal Care & Control Center a few months after my Bandit passed.  She was so cute and we named her “Izzy” (“Grey’s Anatomy” anyone?).  Unfortunately, she was spayed too early and it caused severe neurological problems.  Two months & about $1000 in vet bills later, we had to put Izzy to sleep.

Since then we have been a pet-less home.  It seems strange to be without an animal having had either a dog, cat, or fish my entire life.  We love dogs but my Princess is highly allergic.  A purebred is not in the budget now and I’m not sure I want the responsibility just yet.  Three kids ages 9, 6, and 3 is enough to handle now.  So what pet should we get?  Fish?  The kids get bored and I end up cleaning a big tank that no one looks at.  Guinea Pig? VERY cute and cuddly but they need a large cage that I don’t really have the space for…SO I finally bit the bullet and said yes to a hamster.   Needless to say my animal loving kids are beside themselves.  We adopted a Dwarf Chinese Hamster.  They named her PipSqueak.  It’s only been one far so good.



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