Cutting the cable cord

A few days ago I did something I never thought possible…I cancelled my Verizon Fios TV service.  ACK! The nearly $200 Triple Play bill had finally become too much. Why am I paying so much for something that was once FREE??


Our half-off HBO promotion was done and, though I LOVE their original programming, $19.99/month for just those shows seems excessive. The customer service rep told me that my Extreme HD package should have included HBO along with a few other premium channels. A ROC (sp?) ticket was entered to update my TV package and a credit of $120 was issued. YAY! Three weeks later, nothing had been updated.  I finally decided to cut the cord.  My Double Play bill (15/5 Internet & phone) will be about $112/month. Not as low as I’d hoped but some savings are better than none.

My family is not completely without TV, however.  I have an Amazon Prime account for a 30 day free trial period.  The Xbox 360 has movie & TV apps.  My girls got a Roku HD a few years ago and I bought another this past Christmas.  There are quite a few channels that we are trying out like A&E, Disney, YouTube & PBS.  I already had a Netflix streaming only account.  I really like Netflix because everyone can have their own profile that parents can set with age restrictions.   *Note: The Roku doesn’t seem to support Netflix profiles.

The downside to cord cutting is that we cannot get ANY local channels without buying an antenna.  They cost around $35-75 from what I’ve researched.  Multiply that by 3 TVs (living room, family room and my bedroom) and my money-saving endeavor could cost us a pretty penny in up front costs! I don’t know how long this will last.  I may give in and pay for local channels through Verizon or some other company at $10-12/month.  For now though, it is nice to not hear TVs going all the time (sometimes with no one actually watching!). The big trick will be to put the money we are saving to good use. Have you tried cutting the cable cord?  Did it work for your family?


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